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Do you love discovering a hidden gem? Thought so, so do we.

There's something pretty special about stumbling across somewhere not many people know about - kind of like sharing a secret between just yourself and that hidden space.

And that's why finding these hidden gems can be so hard. By their nature they're quite allusive, hiding from us until we hear of them through friends or family or that stranger down the local pub.

Well, we're going to let you in on our little secret...

Cluecation have done the hard work for us.

What is Cluecation?

It's a smartphone travel tool that helps you discover the great outdoors and connect with the world around you. 

Using seamless GPS technology, it takes you off-the-beaten-track to discover hidden gems and incredible places you may never find alone. As you travel you earn points by visiting destinations, solving clues and completing challenges.

In the UK, they've got some incredible destinations on offer. Experiences that help you explore destinations in brand-new way, truly connecting you with the cultures, people and places you visit.

And no need to worry, they're all completely self-guided. Which means whether you're exploring solo or with family or friends, you go at your own pace.

You can be exploring by car, on foot around town, or hiking across the countryside, Cluecation's GPS technology guides you every step of the way.


What UK destinations are up for grabs?

Cluecation has, so far, created Hidden Gems experiences for Birmingham, Coventry, Devon, the Jurassic Coast, Plymouth, Stratford-upon-Avon and Warwick.

See below for more details on each destination.

Sounds awesome, how does it work?

1. Purchase an Instant E-Ticket

When you've found your perfect adventure, reserve your scavenger hunt, and receive an instant e-ticket with QR Code

2. Download the App

Your Scavenger Hunt Pass begins as soon as you log in for the first time (activate). So, login only when ready to ensure you make the most of your access. When you're ready, download the free Loquiz App for Apple or Android.

3. Scan your ticket

When you arrive in the region, open the Loquiz App on your device and scan your e-ticket's QR Code

4. Explore

With hundreds of destinations and challenges appearing upon your Travel Map, you can now travel to as many as you wish, in any order you choose. When arriving (within 50m radius of a map pin) you'll collect travel points and unlock challenges. When not exploring, boost your points with the Travel Quiz. Most importantly, you'll discover the region at its very best, from bucket list spots to hidden gems!

Birmingham Hidden Gems - self-guided tour & treasure hunt

Explore the city of Birmingham on this self-guided tour and discover its hidden gems, take part in challenges and follow clues!

Available to 31 December 9999
1 Turrills Row,

What do I need to bring?

  • A smartphone or tablet with cellular data and GPS. Charger or extra battery pack also recommended
  • Comfortable clothing to suit the weather. There will be walking involved so comfortable footwear is recommended

What's included?

  • Hidden Gems Self-guided Tour & Treasure Hunt access (via Loquiz app) permitted on 1 device
  • Total Flexibility with 'anytime start' & 'free cancellation


  • Some destinations are in rural settings, and access to sites can be via walking paths or uneven country tracks. As these may be steep or become muddy in wet weather, they may not be suitable for wheelchairs or mobility scooters etc.