Fernworthy Forest

Fernworthy Forest

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Located in Dartmoor National Park, one of the most wild and beautiful places in the whole of Britain, Fernworthy Forest is a gorgeous stretch of moorland.

As you walk around this mesmerising place, you’ll pass by ancient archaeological landmarks, as well as a vast and beautiful reservoir.

Tall trees and misty moors

The landscape of Fernworthy Forest is haunting, with grassy moors and mossy woodlands.

The nature trail that takes you around the forest is just over a mile and a half long - enough for you to fully appreciate the beauty of this area without being too taxing.

The trail will bring you around the Fernworthy Reservoir, a vast manmade lake that uses water from the South Teign River, for some truly relaxing views.

We also recommend coming here at night when the skies are full of stars - it’s a truly indescribable sight that you have to experience yourself to believe.

Fernworthy Forest is an idyllic place to have your lunch, with a picnic area that looks out over the lush reservoir and gives you great views of Thornworthy Tor, a rocky hill which is home to an ancient logan stone.

If that sounds interesting, there’s still plenty more ancient landmarks around here to see!

Archaeological Dartmoor

Dartmoor is one of the most archaeologically rich places in the UK, with many ruins of structures dating back to the Bronze Age, and Fernworthy Forest is an ideal place to see some of the amazing discoveries that have been unearthed here.

It’s got easy access to the Fernworthy Cairn Circle, a circle of stones that were probably built as a monument to the ancestors or deceased loved ones of the people who would have lived here thousands of years ago.

There’s also Fernworthy Assycombe Stone Row: the purpose of stone rows like this has been lost to time, but as you set eyes upon it, perhaps you’ll come up with some idea about why it could have been built.

Fernworthy is a breathtaking and ancient place that showcases the best of the history and wild beauty that Dartmoor is famous for.

We promise you’ll love exploring the diverse landscape here.

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