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Guilty Pleasures

Available to 31 December 9999

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Anyone for some indulgence?

We all have our guilty pleasures! Sneaking an extra slice of cake when no one's looking, eating a big tasty ice cream when you said you were on a diet or prying open that box of chocolates for more just after you already closed it... we're all guilty! 

This tour takes the guilt out of your pleasure and encourages indulging your taste buds to the finest of treats, just for one tour. Chocolates, cookies, cakes, ice creams, sweets, this tour has the lot. 

It's less about the history and heritage than other Savouring Bath tours, but this mouth-watering tour focuses more on the delicious foods at your indulgence.

So book your tour today and get ready for some guilty pleasure!

2a Abbey Green,
Bath and North East Somerset

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