Henry VIII

Available to 21 October 2022

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A Queen fights for justice. A Lady provokes reformation. But in the absence of a son, can a Princess change the future?

You may think you already know his story – the Tudor King who redefines religion, law and history in pursuit of a male heir – but it’s never been told like this before.

From Katharine, the current Queen left fighting for justice, to Anne Bullen (Boleyn), the Lady who provokes a country-altering reformation, see Henry’s obsession from the view of the women who steered his life and ultimately shaped his legacy.

Our iconic wooden ‘O’ drips in gold this Summer, as 2022 Resident Writer Hannah Khalil and Director Amy Hodge inject voices from across Shakespeare’s canon, shining a light on the women fighting for a place in a man’s world.

Shakespeare's Globe,
21 New Globe Walk,
  • Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Content warnings: This performance contains sudden loud noises, overt sexual content and depictions of beheading, childbirth, gore and violence. 

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