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Veddw Garden

It took Anne Wareham and Charles Hawes more than 20 years of dedicated hard work and patience to perfect the garden. Isn’t that extraordinary?

Did you know Veddw Garden starred in The Good Garden Guide and Sex Education? If you’re a big fan of either of these shows, you’ll have to visit.

The garden even sparked some creativity in one of the most influential poets of England, William Wordsworth. It’s clear just how inspired he was by Veddw Garden when you read his poem, ‘Tintern Abbey’.

Explore the gardens

Veddw Garden has two acres of ornamental gardens and two acres of woodland. With so much spacious land and gorgeous surroundings to explore, you’ll always have something to do.

Step into a whole new world of gardening. You’ll be fascinated by its great attention to detail and idiosyncratic style.

Inhale the fragrance of summer that lingers in the air, as you stroll through paths paved with flourishing flowers.

Imagine yourself lounging in the 200-year-old meadow of freshly cut grass and blooming buds, while basking under the blue skies.

From the hazel coppice filled with ferns and spring flowers to the mesmerising magnolia walk, endless discovery awaits you at Veddw Garden.

A visit to this garden will most definitely leave you in awe of its never-ending beauty.