The Big Bark Trentham - A Doggy Day Out - Best Price Tickets

The Big Bark Trentham - A Doggy Day Out - Best Price Tickets

A Doggy Day Out - Best Price Tickets

Available to 21 May 2023

Book now from £14.50

The ultimate day out for dogs with A Doggy Day Out

Following a hugely successful first year, The Big Bark is returning to Trentham Gardens in 2023 and its going to be bigger than ever before!

Enjoy a weekend filled to the brim with dogtastic activities in the 725-acres space of beautiful countryside at the glorious Trentham Estate in Stoke-on-Trent. 

What will be taking place at The Big Bark at Trentham Gardens? 

  • The Dog Display Ring - Enter your pooch into one of many categories as part of a charity dog show, with the money raised going towards the Rotweiller Welfare Association and Greyhound Gap.
  • Snoopy Says - Follow Snoopy's instructions to get the first place prize in this dog-friendly take on Simon Says. 
  • Spoon & Treat Race - This race requires both owner and dog to bring their A-game as you race to the finish line with the dog's lead in one hand and a treat on a spoon in the other! 
  • Cup Challenge - Can your dog sniff out the sausages from the cups and be rewarding with a tasty treat?
  • Musical Sits - In this game, dance with your doggies until the music stops and the last one to sit on the mat gets eliminated! 
  • Temptation Alley - Treat your dog to the sensory delights of some of their favourite smells in this course of tasty temptations.
  • Fly Ball - It's every dog for themselves in a hurdle race to the finish line. Will yours make the leap to be the champion?
  • Scurry - Dogs will hurdle over the hay bales and retrieve the dummy in an attempt to set a new record. 
  • Canicross - Run or jog with your dog, who will take the lead as you combine your efforts in a sprint to the end of the track. 
  • Have-a-go Agility - Speed, balance, trust, and bravery will be needed for this have-a-go session. Does your pooch have what it takes?
  • Have-a-go Hoopers with Star Pawformers - Hoopers is the new low-impact dog sport, pitting your pooch against hoops, barrels and tunnels as they navigate their way through the course. 
  • Trick training with Star Pawformers - Teach your dog some cool new tricks with the help of some of the trainers from Star Pawformers. 
  • Dedicated Pup Zone - Designed for puppies aged 0-12 months old, this zone allows your pups to experience play and enrichment to promote their confidence and minimise their fears. 
  • WAGS Café - Head to The Big Bark's very own WAGS Café where your dog can enjoy some dog treats and cakes, while you help yourself to a coffee. Meetups with dogs of the same size take place throughout the day.
  • Special Guest Star: Lucy Heath & the Trickstars - As seen on Britain's Got Talent, Lucy Heath will be heading to Trentham Gardens with her team of clever canines to perform an unforgettable show.

Ready for a packed day of doggy fun in Stoke-on-Trent? Bring your family too and let your dog (or dogs) have the best day our ever at the Big Bark in Trentham Gardens this May.

Get your tickets for the Big Bark in Trentham Gardens, Stoke-on-Trent, or take a look at the Exeter event in September here

Stoke-on-Trent ST4 8JG

Getting to Trentham Gardens

By car

From the M6:

  • Exit Junction 15 of the M6
  • Follow A500 towards Stoke-on-Trent for a mile
  • Exit right at roundabout and follow A34 towards Stone
  • Trentham’s main North Entrance is a mile on the right
  • For South Entrance continue on A34 for another mile exiting right at the next roundabout

From The A50:

  • At sideway roundabout
  • Exit left at roundabout and follow A500 for a mile
  • Exit left at roundabout and follow A34 towards Stone
  • Trentham’s main North Entrance is a mile on the right
  • For South Entrance continue on A34 for another mile exiting right at the next roundabout

Car parking is FREE at Trentham at the two main car parks: one located near Trentham Garden Centre and one next to Trentham Shopping Village. There are four electric car charging points and eight Tesla Supercharger stations located next to the Shopping Village. Accessible and Parent & Child Parking available.

Enter ST4 8JG to find the site via Sat-Nav.

By bus

The bus stop is only a short walk away from Trentham. Buses from Hanley (City Centre) and Stafford.

The 101 service operated by First Bus runs from Hanley (City Centre) and Stafford via Newcastle-under-Lyme.

By train

The closest major train station to Trentham is Stoke-on-Trent and there are buses that go from Hanley (City Centre) directly to Trentham. Trentham Gardens is the bus stop name and is only a short walk away from the site. It is also possible to take the train to Stafford and then take the bus to the Trentham Gardens bus stop. 

By bike

Cycle parking is available behind the Cornerstone Jewellers unit. Utilising these facilities will be at the cyclist’s own risk.

  • Free parking
  • Café
  • Toilets

People also ask: 

General information:

What should I wear?

  • You should ensure that you’re wearing appropriate attire, taking into account the nature of the event venue and the likely weather conditions.
  • If rain is forecast, wear stout shoes and a mac. It the sun is shining its advisable to wear sunscreen because you’ll be outdoors. 

Can I bring my own food and drink?

  • Yes, you are welcome to bring your own food and drink. There is also a large selection of food at the events including vegetarian & vegan options.
  • It's strongly suggested to pack a water bottle together with a travel drinking bowl for your dog.

Am I allowed to film and take photographs?

  • Yes, but you must first get permission from people who will be in the film or photos. You cannot sell the photos or videos for commercial gain.

Is there disabled access?

  • All venues have disabled access but please be aware that the majority of activities are outside on either grass or a riding school matting surface so can be uneven and unsuitable for wheelchairs. Please note, Canine Events ltd. (the Organisers) take no responsibility for a visitor’s medical conditions and if you have any doubts about your ability to take part in activities, you should seek prior medical advice.

Can I visit without dogs?

  • Yes, many visitors like to go to the Big Bark just to watch the displays and activities that take place.

Can I bring my children?

  • Of course, but please note that all children under the age of 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult.

Dog-related FAQs:

How do I prepare my dog for visiting the Big Bark?

  • Think about your dog’s temperament. Ask youself whether your dog will cope with the thousands of attendees and their own dogs. The things that will influence whether your dog has fun on the day include: Age, breed, general health, confidence levels, tendency towards over-excitement and disposition towards strangers that are both doggy and human
  • Dogs that are fit, healthy and that have a friendly, outgoing disposition will have the best of times. You should be especially sure that your dog is in good health, and over the age of 12 months, if you want to Have-A-Go at any of the activities on offer.

Do I need to keep my dog on a lead?

  • Dogs must be supervised and kept on a lead at ALL TIMES, with the exception being for events that do not require a lead to be worn.  

Can I bring an extendable lead?

  • Extendable leads, shock collars and prong collars are strictly forbidden. If you bring any of these things on-site, the organisers reserve the right to refuse admission or ask you to leave if you are already onsite.

My dog is aggressive or nervous towards other dogs and people, can I still bring them?

  • Dogs with such a disposition are unlikely to enjoy the event. Therefore, please do not bring your dog if they are nervous or fearful of other dogs, or other people. Please be aware that your dog is your responsibility and it is down to the owner to make sure that your dog is comfortable at the event. 

Can I bring my dog in a costume?

  • Unless specifically for an activity that requires it, please DO NOT dress up your dog or enter with them wearing a costume. 

Does my dog need to wear a collar? 

  • All dogs must wear a collar at the Big Bark. It is a legal requirement that dogs must wear a collar with a tag that includes the owner’s name and address. 

Does the weather make a difference?

  • Assume the weather will be fine, warm and dry, and take precautions against the possibility of your dog getting a heat-related illness.
  • Alternatively, if the weather is cold or wet, it is YOUR responsibility to keep your dog warm, comfortable and as dry as possible. 
  • Once at the event, offer your dog plenty of rest breaks – if possible in the shade.
  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you leave your dog in a hot car. Anyone caught doing so will be ejected from the event and risks further action by the police and/or animal welfare authorities.
  • If your dog has travelled to the event in and air-conditioning vehicle, upon arrival offer your dog fresh cold water and allow them to acclimatise calmly before rushing off to have fun.

Can I bring my dog if she is in season?

  • Please DO NOT bring your dog if she is in season. 

Do I need to pick up after my dog?

  • You must always pick up after your dog and bring your own poop bags. 

What should I do if my dog has a problem at the event?

  • If your dog experiences difficulties at the event, you should contact a member of the event team. Team members are trained in canine first aid, and there is always a vet onsite. 

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