A Welsh Coal Mining Experience

A Welsh Coal Mining Experience

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Just step outside anywhere in Wales, and the country’s natural beauty surrounds you.  

But throughout history, it’s not just its hills and valleys that Wales was cherished for, but what lay under them.  

The search for black gold

Under the lush pastures of grass and fertile soil, black gold (otherwise known as coal) could be found. Before the time of renewable energy, coal was used as one of the most common fuel sources, keeping forge fires burning and steam trains billowing.  

The Rhondda Valley, lying between the Brecon Beacons to the north and Cardiff to the south, was once home to the Lewis Methyr Colliery.  

Coal from this mine would’ve been transported around the world, even having the famous claim of powering the Titanic on its voyage across the Atlantic.  

Now, it’s home to A Welsh Mining Experience, where anyone can come and learn about what life would’ve been like when this mine was still operational.  

Hear stories from the people who were there

People from all over the area would’ve come to work in this mine, and on the Black Gold Underground Guided Tour, you’ll get to experience what they faced every day. 

You’ll have a guide accompanying you the whole way round, filling you in on all the fascinating details unknown to most.  

Before leading people on tours however, every guide working at A Welsh Coal Mining Experience was turning up at the Lewis Methyr Colliery for a day’s work. 

They actually experienced what it was like to work in these mines, and the stories they share give you a unique insight into the daily life of a miner. 

To end the tour, you’ll get to take a seat in Dram, the virtual ride, and zoom along tunnel tracks. 

The preservation of history

Whenever you visit places with such an important history, you can’t help but feel awash in awe.  

Every corner you walk around and room you enter once would’ve been packed with people about to head down into the mine, the dangers of which were never far behind. 

There’s a responsibility we all share to remember our heritage. After your tour comes to an end, and you’re sitting around a table in Caffee Bracchi, thoughts of the past can’t help but become topics of conversation.  

Before heading home, stop by the Craft of Hearts shop to see what classes or workshops they have coming up. Or pick up some materials to take back home and create something special.  

The wonders of the Welsh history of coal lie in the Rhondda Valley. Ready to discover them? 

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Welsh Coal Mining Experience - Black Gold Tour

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Available to 31 October 2024
Rhondda Heritage Park,
Coedcae Rd,
South Wales
CF37 2NP
  • Free Parking
  • Café

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