Abbot's Wood

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Explore breathtaking beauty at Abbot’s Wood

The drive through charming country roads, surrounded by statuesque trees and open green fields will get you feeling excited about your day at Abbot’s Wood.

Park up on the left side as you drive in, eager to finish paying for parking so you can begin your adventure.

Which one of the two trails will you start with?

Abbot’s Amble will help you step back in history with a lake dug by medieval monks to discover, and further on, you’ll get to admire some pretty bluebells too.

Sweet goldcrests and magnificent Roe deer will also make their presence known – be sure to take some shots of these incredible creatures.

Or take a stroll along Oak Walk, a stunning trail with beautiful tall oak trees and nest boxes dotted around for the woodland birds.

See if you can also spot some of the 30 species of butterfly as you soak up the glorious setting.

Ready to take on a challenge?

Abbot’s Wood isn’t just a spot for walking – there are lots of exciting things to do here.

Maybe you’re a passionate horse rider always on the hunt for new riding routes?

You’ll likely feel inspired by the few riders passing you by. Abbot’s Wood’s website has plenty of information on how to get a TROT pass or membership.

Maybe you’d also like to cycle through the trails? Start to feel the adrenaline as you fasten your helmet and pedal through the gorgeous scenery, with fresh scents of the countryside to keep you going.

Fancy a cosy picnic?

You deserve a rest with some homemade goodies after that challenge!

Take out the sandwiches, the sweet treats you’ve been dreaming about all day, and some tea from the flask as you enjoy the wonderful surroundings.

Sitting quietly, hands grazing over the grass, with the distant sounds of woodland birds in their natural habitat, you'll love soaking up the joyous backdrop.

A special place for reflection

Perhaps after your visit here you’ve found a new walking trail, or discovered a new hobby in cycling?

We’re sure you’ll be making more visits to Abbot’s Wood, if not for the scenery and peaceful atmosphere, then for the memories you’ll make here.

A morning stroll with a good friend, or a family day out riding bikes along the scenic trails, Abbot’s Wood is a place you’ll always treasure.

East Sussex,
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