Acton Burnell Castle

Acton Burnell Castle

Explore this beautiful castle in the Shropshire countryside

You’ll find the breathtaking Acton Burnell Castle tucked away within stunning country lanes, just an eight-mile journey from Shrewsbury.

Whether you come with the kids or a friend, we’re sure you'll all feel excitable butterflies as you drive closer to the castle, with the windows wide open, taking in the fresh countryside scents.

Park the car in one of the free parking spaces at the entrance and instantly become mesmerised by the castle’s grand structure and unique red sandstone, before starting your adventure around the manicured grounds.

What’s the story behind Acton Burnell Castle?

Bishop Burnell, Edward I’s Lord Chancellor, built the castle in the late 12th-century. It's thought the first parliament of England was held here shortly after, where the Commons was fully represented.

Acton Burnell Castle was abandoned by 1420 but the pyramid roof you’ll find on the south-west tower was added later to create a dovecote. See if you can also spot Acton Burnell Hall across the way, built a short distance from the castle after it was abandoned.

You’ll see from the magnificent frame of the first-floor windows how Acton Burnell Castle was used for protection and designed to fortify Bishop Burnell’s home. After centuries, it’s still an extraordinary site - you’ll be fascinated by its beauty and back story every time you visit.

Little chapel with a big presence

We recommend making the six-minute drive through quintessential country lanes to Langley Chapel.

The outside is instantly inviting as you’ll immediately want to get closer and gaze admiringly at the architecture.

The 17th-century timber furnishings are beautifully impressive, with a musician’s pew and a large reading desk transporting you back to the times people would come here for worship.

Reflect on your step back in time

We suggest ending the day by finding a spot for a cosy picnic.

Roll out a blanket, tuck into some homemade treats and take in all the fascinating historic spots you’ve discovered. Maybe even bring the dog along to stretch their legs.

The steep history, singing of the birds, and sweet noises of wildlife going about their day are all reasons to keep coming back to this spectacular landmark.

Acton Burnell Park,

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