Adventure Carrick

Adventure Carrick

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Whether it’s by sea, land, or lake – at Adventure Carrick in the tranquil southwest of Scotland, the world of the outdoors awaits.

Setting down their roots in the county of Ayrshire, whatever you choose to do when you arrive at Adventure Carrick, you’re surrounded by a land as diverse as it is beautiful.

With the Firth of Clyde bordering the county in the west and the open countryside in the east – the entire area is filled with some of the most sensational natural environments you could possibly imagine.

What will you choose?

So where will it be first? Perhaps you fancy giving stand-up paddleboarding a go just off the Girvan coast?

With blue waters stretching away, the gentle waves rocking you, and the crisp air sweeping around – paddleboarding can be a great way to incorporate some calm into your world of adventure.

There’s something about being on the open water away from the rest of the world that takes a second to adjust to, but when you finally do, a feeling of bliss washes over you.

Slightly inland from Girvan, on the gentler waters of Loch Doon, why not hop in a kayak or canoe and glide your way between the wild and rugged beauty of Scotland?

Without even the worry of keeping your balance, you can really take a moment to appreciate the natural world surrounding you.

Exploring by foot

Experiences aren’t limited to just the water though.

Head out into the Galloway Forest Park for a day of hillwalking where the natural landscape never fails to leave you staring on in quiet, awe-filled silence.

Or take things up a gear and hit the trails and off-road tracks of the Forest Park on the back of a mountain bike.

Stopping the night

If just one day isn’t quite enough to satisfy your outdoor quota, why not join one of their multi-day trips?

With an action-packed two-day outing in Galloway Forest Park or a three-day holistic retreat to choose from, you get to decide how your trip to Ayrshire unfolds.

The Holistic Adventure Retreat focuses on activities and moments to nourish both your body and mind, where the power of the natural world comes not only from what you can see, but the healing and connection it can bring from within you.

We often owe ourselves time to recharge, where your only responsibility is to do something that makes you happy.

Whether that be a few days filled with meditation and yoga, or a morning cruising through nature on a mountain bike – Adventure Carrick caters to all.

Introduction to Stand Up Paddle Boarding - Millenium Bridge

Jump into the world of Stand Up Paddle Boarding in this exciting opportunity at Adventure Carrick

Available to 1 July 2024
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