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A Live Town Walk Just for You!

The Highland Capital for Armchair Travellers: The Highlands and Islands are officially the happiest place to live in Scotland. As a result, Inverness has repeatedly been crowned the happiest city in Scotland. On our virtual live town walk through the streets and alleys of ''Inversneckie", we will send some love and happiness straight to the comfort of your home. The tour will take you to the town's famous and lesser-known landmarks and to a very special quirky place.

We start our tour on Castle Hill from where you will have a brilliant view of the River Ness and the lovely buildings on either side of the river. You will hear about the history of the castle, Mary Queen of Scot’s visit of Inverness, and of a flying dog. We will also tell you why Inverness Castle is actually not a castle although it pretty much looks like one. Right in front of the castle, we find the statue of Flora Macdonald, our national heroine, and a remarkable woman. We will tell you her story and about the Jacobite Rebellions before we head to one of Inverness’s most impressive buildings, Inverness Town House. It was built in the late 19th century in the Flemish-Baronial style and has just recently been restored to its former glory, which resulted in some Invernesians complaining that it would look way to clean now. Hear about the town house, the Merkat Cross in front of it and of the rather amusing story of two long lost dogs who managed to be found just at the right time to take their rightful place again.

From the town house, we head down Church Street, referred to as the “King’s Highway” by some locals. We walk past the oldest secular house in Inverness into the graveyard of the Old High Kirk. There, on St Michaels Mount, some of the darkest events in Scottish history have occurred after the Battle of Culloden in 1746. We then travel forward in time back into the Inverness of the 21st century and will give you a glimpse of one of the quirkiest bookshops in Scotland before we end the tour with a Q&A session.

Duration 1 hour

Highlights - Inverness Castle - Flora Macdonald Statue - River Ness - Inverness Town House - Abertarff House - Old High Kirk - Leakey's Bookshop

Included - Private Virtual Tour for up to 8 participants - Professional Guide

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