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Available to 29 July 2024
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The Highlands and Islands are officially the happiest places to live in Scotland.

As a result, Inverness, the capital of the Highlands, has repeatedly been crowned the happiest city in Scotland.

On our private walking tour of "Inversneckie", Airts & Pairts will help you transform into one of these happy locals. Our tour will take you to the town's famous and lesser-known landmarks and to some of our happy places like "The Salad Bar". You will also hear about the sons and daughters of the town and the life in Inverness then and now.

The tour starts at Inverness Cathedral. We have a look at the magnificent building and the four statues above the entrance. In the 1960s, another "Fab Four” stayed opposite the cathedral and rumour has it that they even wrote a song there.

From rumours to legends: As we head along River Ness towards the city centre, we enjoy a great view onto Inverness Castle and you will hear the story of a saint and a water monster and how the legend of their encounter still attracts visitors to the area.

Inverness is an unhurried place and we take in the atmosphere while continuing down the river and crossing it via a bridge that embodies the gentle rhythm of the city. You will have noticed the numerous churches along the river by now. So, let’s pay a visit to the oldest: Old High Kirk on St Michaels Mount. Here, some of the darkest events in Scottish history have occurred after the Battle of Culloden in 1746. You will hear more about the battle and the Jacobite cause as we are walking up Church Street referred to as the "King’s Highway”.

Once the direct route from the harbour to the castle, the street is lined with many grand buildings including the oldest secular house in Inverness and one of the most impressive buildings in town, Inverness Town House, right at its top.

Climb up to your last stop: Castle Hill, from where you will have a brilliant view of the River Ness. You will hear about the history of the castle, Mary Queen of Scot’s visit to Inverness, of a flying dog and, last but not least, of Flora Macdonald, our national heroine.

Up for a pint or a sweet treat now? We know just the place.

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