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Available to 31 December 2022
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Chase Me Tours - Pursue and Discover - are our answer to the current situation. Enjoy the benefits of a driver-guided tour on this self-drive socially-distanced adventure.

In your own vehicle, you follow us and our Mini to the most amazing places in the Scottish Highlands. You stay in your bubble, we stay in ours and together we visit popular sites and hidden gems away from the crowds, waiting to be explored.

Monsters, Myths & Murky Waters

The Monster, the myths, the legends: Our Loch Ness 360 adventure takes us around Scotland's most famous loch, past and, depending on your choices and interests, into well-known landmarks on the busy side of Britain's largest body of freshwater. The Southside of Loch Ness then offers a completely different experience and landscape with fantastic views - a tour with a common theme yet full of contrasts.

Whether we get to see the famous monster on our trip around the loch can't be guaranteed - Nessie is an expert in social distancing since 565 AD and there are quite a few theories what kind of being Nessie could be: A water serpent, a primeval relic or even a supernatural water spirit? We will come past many locations where sightings of Nessie have occurred and will elaborate on the different theories and tell you our very personal Nessie story. Driving South from Inverness we follow the River Ness and Caledonian Canal into the Great Glen.

We will have plenty of opportunities to admire the views onto the loch, be it from the roadside, on a cruise or from the ruins of mighty Urquhart Castle. Continuing on, we reach Fort Augustus where we look at the famous locks and take you to a lovely spot on the shore. We then head north, along the other side of the loch where we will meet other "Forces of Nature" like waterfalls and an ancient place of power. Our last stop will be the lovely pebble beach at Dores.

Duration 8 hours

Highlights - Loch Ness - Urquhart Castle - Invermoriston Falls - Fort Augustus Locks - Falls of Foyers - Mysterious Boleskine Graveyard - Dores Beach - Lovely views & a few hidden gems

Included - Private Bubble Tour for up to 6 people - Professional Guide

Not Included - Transport for your "Bubble" - Meals / Packed Lunch - Admission to Urquhart Castle - Cruise on Loch Ness

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