Allerthorpe Wood

Allerthorpe Wood

This small but lovely pine wood just outside York is a great place to go for a refreshing walk through nature or tuck into a delicious picnic.

If you’re in the area and you want to have a lovely day out, look no further than Allerthorpe Wood - just one mile along Sutton Lane.

Adders and picnics and pines, oh my!

Since the forest floor is nice and flat, it's easy to enjoy the scenic surroundings here at Allerthorpe Wood.

It’s also home to plenty of wildlife, such as a variety of insects, small mammals, and even a herd of cattle who you can sometimes catch grazing here.

Yet this forest is famous for being the home of one special creature during the warmer seasons: adders!

If you’re really lucky, you might catch a glimpse of one of these shy, slippery snakes during your walk.

Allerthorpe Wood has a variety of footpaths for people of all skill levels, and if you feel peckish after your stroll, there are plenty of picnic benches near the car park.

Nothing beats sitting in the great outdoors with some crisps and a sandwich!

If you have little ones, this place is perfect for prams too.

Peaceful Pocklington

This beautiful forest is also a great starting point from which you can walk to the village of Pocklington. 

You'll find plenty of pubs and shops to explore, and while you’re here, you can visit the old Pocklington Canal or feed the fish in beautiful Burnby Hall Gardens.

This really is one of the loveliest villages in the area, so we'd definitely recommend making a stop here.

Whether you’re here for a family picnic, walking your dog, or spotting the wildlife, Allerthorpe Wood is a peaceful and pleasant place to spend a day out. 

If the weather is nice, why not pull on your walking shoes and take a trip here today? 

Westfield Farm,
Sutton Lane,
North Yorkshire,
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