Allesley Park

Allesley Park

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It’s hard to beat a park in the summer. The sun beams down and warms your skin, the fresh scent of flowers drifts by on the breeze. And all that’s required of you, is to sit back and enjoy it.

In the midst of Coventry, the lively West Midlands city, Allesley Park offers anyone the chance to experience just that.

What kind of adventure are you after?

Pack a bag full of snacks and a comfy blanket, bring along some good company and your afternoon is set.

But we know a little time alone is what’s needed most sometimes. Why not stick your favourite podcast or album on and take a stroll through the pathways of the park?

Take a wander and let time slip away, breathing in the fresh air and letting your feet lead you wherever they may. Just getting out and moving for an hour or so can be all you need to clear your head.

And of course, if you’ve got a little four-legged friend at home, we’re sure they’ll love to keep you company on your stroll.

Take their favourite toy with you, some water (and don’t forget the poo bags), and spend a few hours exploring the park.

Bringing company?

The playground to the east of the park is all any kid could wish for.

Bring along the little ones and before you know it, they’ll be setting off down the rocket slide, arriving at the bottom with the biggest smile on their face.

Be sure to visit the Fairy and Walled Gardens before you make your way back home. Each has its own unique magic that’s sure to leave you enchanted.

So what do you say? Will it be a much-needed hour or two with a podcast and the peace of being by yourself?

Or do you fancy some company this time? Get everyone to bring a dish and you’ll have a picnic party fit for royalty on your hands!   

Allesley Hall Drive,
Allesley Park,
West Midlands,

Free parking, Toilets