Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology

Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology

A Historic Day Out in Oxford

Oxford is a city that's teeming with history. From its significance as a strategic city in Saxon England to the world-famous university that's the second oldest in the world, there are few better cities in the UK to spend for a historic day out than Oxford. 

This perhaps best culminates with the Ashmolean Museum, an extensive collection of artefacts and artwork from across the world and every century from the days of Ancient Egypt to the contemporary works of today's 21st century world. 

The UK's oldest museum and the official museum of Oxford University, the Ashmolean Museum truly is one of the country's most prestigious and significant museums, and you can visit for FREE!

Book your tickets to the Ashmolean Adventure

The Ashmolean Adventure is a new and interactive way to explore Ashmolean Museum. This interactive guide to the Ashmolean Museum is packed with activities and facts that give your family an insightful look into some of the Ashmolean's top exhibits! 

Packed with games, activities, quizzes and stories, The Ashmolean Adventure is perfect for those aged 7-11 and will really enhance the enjoyment for young explorers at the museum. 

Explore the Galleries

The Ashmolean Museum consists of five floors all packed with galleries of different varieties and time periods. 

On the lower ground floor, you will find specially themed rooms that centre around specific types of artefacts, in particular money, textiles, conservation and reading and writing. Heading up to the ground floor, we bridge the gap between the present day and the ancient past, with artefacts, statues, casts and paintings from the ancient lands of Egypt, Rome, China, India, Greece, Assyria, Persia, Babylon and Africa. No stone is left unturned in this exploration of the ancient world. 

Heading forward time, we now reach the AD era of humanity and exhibits focused on the early Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Mughal, Oriental and Cypriot periods of history and the crossroads that were built to connect worlds together. Moving up to the second floor, we approach the Renaissance, as we see how art has evolved and changed throughout the centuries and how the European world that we know today was influenced by these changes. 

Finally, we reach the 18th century and approach the present day as we see art through the lens we are more familiar with today. Nevertheless, by the time you've viewed the last exhibition of the Ashmolean, you'll feel as though you've just completed a journey through time. Now it's time to head back to the present day!

Completing an incredible museum visit 

The Ashmolean Museum and its many treasures remain a great day out whether it's rain or shine, and no visit to Oxford would be complete without it. It's a must-do for all the history buffs out there and may even turn you into one if you weren't already! 

Head on an epic journey through time, when you head to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford today. 

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People also ask:

Are dogs allowed in the museum?

  • Only assistance dogs are permitted to the museum

Is the Ashmolean Museum free?

  • Entry into the museum is free with no booking required, but you can purchase the 'Ashmolean Adventure' for £15.30 to give you an immersive insight into the exhibits of the museum

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