Ashton Hill

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There's nothing more relaxing and refreshing than being in a forest, early in the morning.

The sweet smell of nature starting to awake with a hazy mist around you provides the perfect setting when you head to Ashton Hill, open 24 hours a day.

In the shade of giants

Give your feet some time to rest after enjoying a lovely walk and take a seat on a bench underneath the Giant Sequoias.

Here, you can restore your energy while listening to the faint sound of insects humming around you.

Explore on two wheels or horseback

What better way to unveil nature's secrets than getting deeper into the beautiful forest?

The relaxing sound of horses' hooves will fill your ears as your breathing becomes slow and rhythmic and you plod along with your new friend. 

Searching for the perfect spot to ride your bike? Look no further.

Take a ride along the well-kept Plantation Bike Trail - we're sure you'll have a good night's sleep after all that excitement.

Gorgeous scenery 

There are hundreds if not thousands of photo opportunities when you walk through one of Bristol's most stunning scenes.

Capture the fallen leaves with the sunlight shining through - no filter needed!

Snap a photo at the right moment and maybe you'll even spot a rabbit hopping through your shot.

Your dog will no doubt be wagging their tail as you film them running around the 100m tall Stika Spruce Tree - we're sure that'll rake in all the likes!

A deeper connection

Sense the 19th-century trees speaking to you and feel the connection spark as you run the tip of your finger along the magnificent Californian Redwoods.

In that moment, you'll feel that you're part of an important unity of earth, nature, and humanity.

Located just off the B3129, Ashton Hill offers the perfect opportunity to take time out of your busy day-to-day to escape to the magic of nature.

Breathe in the fresh air and lose track of time in this astonishing forest. 

Mendip View,
18 Flax Bourton Road,
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