Marvel in Avebury’s fascinating history

As a World Heritage Site (WHS), the Wiltshire village is brimming with exciting historical treasures, and strolling from one landmark to the other allows you to uncover the intriguing events that took place.

We’re sure you’ll be captivated by the largest stone circle in the UK and the huge henge that surrounds it.

Be sure to take plenty of snapshots – you’ll want to share Avebury’s unique charm with friends and family.

But where will you head next?

Perhaps the Alexander Keiller Museum will be the right place for another adventure.

The Stables and Barn galleries show the story of the people of Avebury and the monuments within the village, and some of the most important prehistoric archaeological collections in the country can be found here.

Have the kids come along for a day trip?

They’ll adore roaming the children’s area at the museum, making their own archaeological rubbing, and dressing up in Bronze Age clothing!

Explore more ceremonial sites

Along with Avebury henge and stone circles, you can also embark on walks to other sites nearby.

Just a five-minute walk from Avebury is West Kennet Avenue, once a site that had around 100 pairs of stones raised to create a link between Avebury and The Sanctuary monuments.

You’ll now see there are 27 upright stones that remain, and concrete pillars to mark 37 others – many had already disappeared by the 17th-century when the first record of West Kennet Avenue was made.

We suggest you take a few moments to stand completely still, with no interruptions from your phone, and reflect on the history that surrounds you.

Further along is Silbury Hill, similar in height and volume to the Egyptian pyramids and the largest artificial mound on the continent.

It’s quite simply breathtaking – although its purpose isn’t known, you’ll be in awe of the magnificent beauty and the four million hours of work it took to create.

More exciting history to discover

We think that's enough adventure for one day but on your next visit, you should definitely take a stroll to Windmill Hill, about a mile away from the village.

Bask in the glorious landscapes and the fresh country breeze as you take in the unique causewayed enclosure, another gem to see on your future treks in Avebury.

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