Avon Beach

Avon Beach

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Whether you’re looking to meet a group of your friends or rewarding your family members with a well-deserved break, Avon Beach awaits.

Bathe on the beach

Who wouldn’t treat themselves to a satisfying afternoon at the beach on a long summer’s day?

After all, beaches and the season of summer is a marriage made in heaven.

Make your way down to the sand, reminiscing on the cherished memories of visiting the beach as a kid; sweet moments that you treasure.

Imagine basking under the sun, eyes closed, chatting to your best friend, while getting that perfect tan for a stunning summer glow.

Breathe in the slight saltiness from the sea, blending seamlessly with the cooling fresh air.

Explore the cliffs

A rewarding day out doesn’t only have to be fun; it can also be very educational at times.

Avon Beach is surrounded by many cliffs for you to go on the greatest exploration yet!

Imagine the kids spotting some of the UK’s rare species of reptiles, birds, and insects crawling in the shrubbery of their natural habitat. Imagine the fascination on their faces – they’ll be talking about it for a long time to come.

Snack at the café

Grab a snack from the nearby café for you and your companions. Don’t forget an ice-cold drink to slurp away at, if it’s a sunny day!

Looking for a hearty meal? Make a stop at the restaurant called the Noisy Lobster, where you can indulge in their mouth-watering signature dish.

It may be the end of your wonderful trip, but you’re always more than welcome to revisit your new favourite beach!

Avon Beach Co,
Avon Beach,
BH23 4AN

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