Comedy Live Music Theatre

Babbacombe Theatre - Stardust

Available to 18 October 2023

Tuesdays & Wednesdays to 18th October incl. 8.15pm. Matinee: Wednesday 16th August 2.30pm

Stardust is not just cosmic dust, it is often described as a magical or charismatic feeling, and in the all-new family variety show at the Babbacombe Theatre for the 2023 season, there will be magic with a large dusting of charisma from the 11 stars.

They say too when you get Stardust in your eyes it causes a pleasant dream-like feeling, and the surest way to make a dream come true is to live them, and with this production playing weekly throughout the year, you get to see first-hand, something that, One Way or Another, will bring this show to life with humour & heart, colouring your world!

It takes a great team to organise and orchestrate a successful theatre production, and Stardust will be no exception. What could be very ordinary becomes extraordinary when everyone gets the chance to shine. With the dynamic mix of a great script, combining classic variety from decades past with current and new topics, the cast performing on the Babbacombe boards will be looking to exceed audiences’ expectations throughout the year.

“The stars will not look bigger, but you can expect them to look brighter”

Babbacombe Downs Road,
TQ1 3LU,
United Kingdom


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