Children's Halloween Special 'Trick and Treat' - Pumpkin Picking in Stirling

Children's Halloween Special 'Trick and Treat' - Pumpkin Picking in Stirling

Bannockburn House - Best Price Tickets

Available to 29 October 2023

Get your tickets to Bannockburn House's Halloween event for just over £10 for one of the best Halloween things to do in Stirling

There’s something strange at Bannockburn House this Halloween. Join us for a spooky kids' tour of Bannockburn House, with activities, Halloween games and treats, and a few tricks! Tickets include:

  • Spooky tour of Bannockburn House
  • Kids costume competition
  • Marshmallow toasting
  • Scary stories
  • Optional Extra - Pumpkin Patch - pick your own pumpkin

There are 3 different time slots:

  • 11am
  • 1pm 
  • 3pm (SOLD OUT)

Tickets are selling really fast! 

Bannockburn house,
Stirlingshire FK7 8EY
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Facts about the Bannockburn House :

  1. Bannockburn House is a historic building located in Bannockburn, near Stirling, Scotland. It is often associated with the Battle of Bannockburn, a significant event in Scottish history that took place in 1314 during the First War of Scottish Independence. While the house itself is not directly connected to the battle, it holds historical significance in its own right.
  2. Bannockburn House is a large mansion that dates back to the 17th century. It has served various purposes over the centuries, including as a family residence and a hospital during World War II. The house and its grounds have changed ownership several times and have undergone various renovations and restoration efforts.
  3. In recent years, there has been a community effort to restore Bannockburn House and open it to the public as a cultural and heritage center. The goal is to preserve the historical significance of the house and its surrounding grounds while providing educational opportunities for visitors interested in the history of Scotland and the Battle of Bannockburn.

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