Beeston Castle and Woodland Park

Beeston Castle and Woodland Park

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With arching bridges over chasms below, tales of a king’s lost treasure, and prophecies about saving the land, you have to pinch yourself to believe Beeston Castle is actually part of this world and not straight out of a storybook.

First comes the Bronze Age

The site’s history actually dates back way before the early 13th-century castle you can see today. Go another few thousand years or so into the past and then you’ll be getting somewhere close.

It seems almost impossible the land the castle sits on is real. Out of the level earth surrounding it, the ground suddenly rises in sheer cliff faces and steep wooded hills.  

During the Iron Age, the site’s natural defences were capitalised on and enlarged, to create one impressive, secure location.

Ready for a climb?

The fact someone then decided to go and build a castle on top just took the whole thing to an awesome new level.

From the car park at the base of the hill, the pathway begins to climb immediately. Be sure to bring plenty of water and rest when you need to on the benches along the way.

Your first glimpse of the site’s past is the curtain wall looming ahead. Then when you pass through, the stone wall stretches alongside the pathway for a while, curving right around the edge of the plateau. 

Every step you take, the land surrounding you seems to reach further into the distance and the clouds drifting overhead feel like they keep on getting closer and closer.

Until finally you reach the top. Time to replace those hiking boots with your archaeological toolkit.

Arching over the drop below, cross the bridge leading into the inner ward and between the stone towers guarding the entrance.

Legends of lost treasure

You’re bound to come across the famous well within the castle at some point. Legend has it Richard II hid a horde of treasure down it that’s never been found.

Don’t get too carried away but it’s well worth having a careful peek over to try and spot a gleam of gold or a slither of silver hidden far below.

Back in nature to end the day

Be sure to spare some time when you’re at the castle for exploring the woodlands that surround the area.

End your day with a stroll under the treetops and the incredible natural landscape of Cheshire filling every direction.

So, packed and ready to go?

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