Belas Knap Long Barrow

Belas Knap Long Barrow

Everything points towards a grand entrance at Belas Knap Long Barrow.

From the south, the earth mound grows in height and width, before sharpening down like an arrow.

But as you come round to the north-facing side, you'll soon understand you've been tricked.

The spirits of Belas Knap

It’s a false entrance. The actual ones are at the sides and back of the barrow.

No one really knows what the purpose is for the false entrance, but there are speculations that it was never intended for people… those living anyway.

It might've been created for the spirits of people buried within the barrow - access for them to come and go as they pleased.

Beginning your adventure

But the adventure at Belas Knap begins way before you even arrive there.

There’s around a half-mile walk to the site from the main parking area.

The path includes quite a steep climb through woodlands and fields; something to keep in mind.

We think it just makes your adventure to Belas Knap even better.

Before you even take your first step towards the site, you're sure to spot Sudeley Castle off in the distance.

And then as the walk to the barrow begins, the views of the surrounding Cotswold countryside just get better and better.

Through woodlands and over fields

It can be hard to imagine what life was like all that time ago, but nature has a remarkable way of defying age.

The views might be slightly different from what they were 5000 years ago, but a tree was still a tree and the grass was just as green as it is now.

There are some similarities we'll always share, no matter how many generations go by.

Walking through the woodland solidifies this completely.

After all that hard work of philosophising over ancestors and time gone by (maybe that’s just us?), you’ll finally arrive at the barrow.

There are numerous chambers located around the earthen mound waiting for your curious feet to take you into.

And after you’re done, the views surrounding the place are sure to keep you entertained for a while longer.

Rose scented gardens of Sudeley Castle

If you’re still thinking about how great Sudeley Castle looked off in the distance, after your visit to Belas Knap you could always spend the afternoon exploring the castle and its grounds.

The gardens located around the castle are truly spectacular and we’re sure finishing your day out roaming through rose-scented air and admiring the colours of nature is one fine way to end a beautiful day out.

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