Eclectic Belfast City Center Private Walking Tour

Eclectic Belfast City Center Private Walking Tour

Belfastology Walking Tours

Available to 31 December 2024
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An Eclectic Walk through the Past, Present, and Future of Belfast

The Eclectic City Center Walking tour is my most popular option, covering the history, architecture, and people of Northern Ireland. 

We'll discover some of the Belfast buildings along the way that make the city such a beautiful and unique space. And hear some of the colorful histories that shaped this part of the island of Ireland over 400 years.

We'll also discover some of Belfast's most famous people and hear of things invented here. I may touch on the period known as The Troubles. Bespoke to each group, I'll include or exclude topics of your choosing.

26 St. Annes Road,
County Antrim BT10 0PQ

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