Bellever Forest

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This woodland lies in the heart of gorgeous Dartmoor National Park in the sunny south of England.

Home to beautiful unspoiled landscapes, amazing wildlife, and ancient history, there’s loads to see on a walk through Bellever Forest.

An enchanting forest

Bellever Forest has a few trails, including a short trail suitable for wheelchairs that'll take you along the tranquil East Dart River.

Near the car park, there are even a couple of picnic benches, so why not bring some snacks to energise you for your day out?

These woods are the home of the famous Dartmoor ponies. These fascinating animals are native to this area, with records of their presence dating back as far as the 11th century.

While many of the ponies are wild, they're all carefully protected thanks to their importance to the locals.

If you’re lucky enough to encounter one of these beautiful beasts, we promise it'll be an unforgettable experience.

Trails through time

There are a few trails you can choose to follow on your trip through Bellever Forest.

The Bellever Trail is a must, as this peaceful trek will take you right to spots where the Dartmoor ponies are said to graze.

For more ambitious walkers, there's also the Postbridge Trail. This trail might push you, but it'll be worth it as you'll climb the grassy hill that leads to Bellever Tor.

The rock formations here are staggering, and our ancestors must have thought so too, as there's evidence of ancient cairn circles and cists across its slopes.

Trust us, you don’t want to miss the spectacular panoramic views up here!

A peasants' footpath

There is also the Lich Way, a walk grimly named because it follows the path taken by 13th-century peasants who carried their dead to Lydford parish church.

Until 1260, this church was the only place where burials could take place in the area, so the farmers who lived around here would have to journey up to 12 miles just to bury their loved ones.

As you follow in their footsteps, will you be able to imagine what their difficult lives must have been like?

Bellever Forest is one of the best places to appreciate the beauty and nature of Dartmoor, with fantastic walking trails no matter your age or fitness.

We know you’ll be won over by these breathtaking woods, whether it’s because of the tranquillity, the history, or the wildlife to be discovered here.

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