Benjamin Franklin House: Historical Experience

Benjamin Franklin House: Historical Experience

You may probably most famously know Benjamin Franklin as one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.

But over his lifetime, Franklin held an array of roles and responsibilities, and from the mid-1750s to the mid-1770s, spent most of his time in London.

Stepping into the past

And that’s exactly where you’ll find the only surviving home of Franklin’s.

The legacy he left behind is matched only by a few. As soon as you enter the place he once called home, a wave of awe arrives with it.

Walking in the footsteps of someone so influential and pivotal in human history will never grow old.   

The Historical Experience takes that feeling one step further, submerging you into the life and times of Benjamin Franklin with the aid of live performance.

Combining spectacular lighting with remarkable sound and visual projections, you’ll be swept back in time to Georgian London, where your adventure truly begins.

What will you discover?

You’ll get to learn all about Franklin’s time in the UK capital, just before his trip back across the Atlantic, where America was on the precipice of revolution.

The door is open; the stories waiting to be told - are you ready to discover them?

36 Craven Street,
London WC2N 5NF
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