Berwick Glades

Berwick Glades

Recharge your batteries at this ancient farmland

Ever felt like escaping the modern world for a day?

A visit to Berwick Glades, just on the outskirts of London, is a perfect destination to switch off your phone and bask in the relaxing atmosphere.

Leave the car at the nearby car park at Berwick Wood before setting off on your adventure within these stunning surroundings, overlooking the beautiful Ingrebourne Valley.

What makes a visit to Berwick Glades very special is its history, dating back more than 4,000 years.

An archaeology study showed signs of Iron Age and Bronze Age farmsteads and a possible burial mound - a wonderful treat particularly for the history buffs in your circle of friends!

Explore all corners of the glades

There are other things to do at Berwick Glades besides walking the trail.

You’ll likely see some horse riders being guided through the wildflower meadows, and lots of cyclists from the capital making the most of the open tracks.

We recommend jumping on a bike and sharing the rush of adrenaline, with the glorious scenery keeping you company as you head towards Elm Park to admire the hilly south Essex skyline.

Lots more energy to burn?

Cycle back to Berwick Glades and make a pit stop at Bonnetts Wood, a few minutes away and once home to a farm in the 1920s.

Time for a break

Perhaps this would be a good time to take a well-deserved rest?

Make yourself comfortable with a picnic blanket on the grass and watch the world pass by, connecting with wildlife in their natural habitat with the distant sounds of flowing streams.

A picture-perfect way to end your time here.

The inviting atmosphere and luscious backdrop will always keep you entertained at Berwick Glades, with its easy access from the capital a wonderful excuse to step away and reflect for a short while.

23 Berwick Road,

Free parking

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