Berwick-upon-Tweed Castle and Ramparts

Berwick-upon-Tweed Castle and Ramparts

A town worth fighting for

The castle and ramparts at Berwick-upon-Tweed are a culmination of its long and tumultuous life.

Starting out in Scottish hands, Berwick’s location on the Scottish-English border made it a prime position for control over the area.

Berwick Castle began life first. It was built in the early 12th century and then around 400 years later, the ramparts as they are now started to take shape.

The whole area went back and forth between Scottish rule and English until finally, in 1482, it landed in the hands of the English.

Later, Queen Elizabeth came along and revamped the defences, solidifying rule over the area.

Berwick laying down its arms

It was only in 1837 when the site officially laid down its duties.

In the place of guns and guards, the pedestrian walkway along the ramparts signalled the castles move away from battles and war to its now peaceful existence.

You can still walk the entire pedestrian way across the ramparts and we think it’s the best way to really get an idea of just how impressive Berwick was.

You’ll travel through the centuries with every step, first through the medieval era of King Edward I and then into the reign of Queen Elizabeth during the Middle Ages.

On guard at Berwick Castle

Along your journey, the history you'll uncover is fascinating.

But we think the moments that really stand out are the views that accompany you on your travels.

From Berwick Castle, expansive views across and down the River Tweed open up from the castle walls and stretch away into the distance.

The still waters drifting out towards the North Sea reflect the sky above and the shadows of the arching Royal Border Bridge nearby.

A day of history and adventure

Atop the ramparts, you’ll be met by more stunning scenery. Head to the brass bastion and you’re in for a real treat.

The ground falls away in levels like a giant’s staircase and off towards the horizon, the sea stretches away to meet the sky.

Your adventure starts at Berwick because of the area’s famous past. But along your travels, you soon discover a place filled with more than you could ever hope to find in the history books.

Being surrounded by the stones that witnessed battles being fought and were home to people serving their country brings a whole new life to Berwick - one which we think will draw you back for more adventures to come.

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