Binham Market Cross & Priory

Binham Market Cross & Priory

When you first park up the car and gaze at Binham Priory, everything seems completely serene. But this wasn’t always the case.

The priory's history is filled with unexpected scandal and intrigue.

Long ago, some priors of Binham began to dabble in the mysteries of alchemy, specifically one William de Somerton.

To fund his experiments, he sold many of the building’s assets leaving the priory swamped in huge debts.

Stepping into the modern world

The priory has left all that behind, stepping into the modern age with longevity that's quite incredible.

As soon as you enter through the gates, your attention is drawn down the long pathway towards the spectacular west front.

It rises up tall, covered with intricately detailed stonework. Then off to both sides, slim, almost free-standing walls support the main building.

Open window arches cover these supporting sidewalls, framing the sky behind.

It soon becomes obvious there wasn’t any need to decorate them with stained glass when they were already filled with Norfolk's natural beauty.

A glimpse into Norfolk’s history

The priory is only a fragment of the once much larger building. Stone foundations cover much of the surrounding area, giving you a glimpse into the old life of the priory and its impressive size.

The place would’ve been filled with silence. Huge rooms standing quiet, corridors where the only sound was the echoes of footsteps.

You’re surrounded by a similar silence now, but the open countryside allows for the occasional bird song to drift your way.

Binham Market Cross

A short distance away from the priory is another significant relic of the past. You could pass Binham Market Cross and not realise what a wonder of the ancient world it is.

Part of the stone is gone now and it looks more like a pillar. But it was still an important part of the community all the way from the 1100s to the 1950s.

Further afield

There are more wonderful ancient ruins to discover in Norfolk and if you’re up for extending your travels, Creake Abbey is only a short drive away.

Turn up to the abbey on the right day and you might even discover the award-winning farmers market in full swing.

Ancient buildings always have a magnetism about them which is hard to put into words.

It's a feeling of awe, respect for the years they've seen go by, an appreciation of a world long ago.

We think exploring the priory and cross will inspire you on further adventures.

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