Bintree Wood

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Arrive at dawn to Bintree Wood, just one mile east of North Elmham, and step further into the greenery where the trees' shadows grow with the sunrise.

As you pull up, hear the birds chirping loudly around you and the familiar noise of pigeons flying from one bush to another.

The first thing you'll notice when you enter is how the tall trees, the clear sky, and the spacious ground are so much larger than us humans.

Nature to soothe the soul

Enjoy a glorious afternoon with the warm, gentle wind blowing through your hair making you feel completely relaxed.

Take the time to breathe in and out as you feel a sense of calm wash over you.

Walking through Bintree Wood is the most amazing experience, with leaves and twigs crunching under your shoes as you're treated to stunning views of the Wensum Valley and Elmham.

Or visit here in the evening and admire the moon as you leave your hectic life behind and connect with nature, even for a few minutes.

Playtime with joyful memories

If you've brought the kids along, they'll be thrilled to spot the unforgettable buzzards swooping above their heads.

And who will hear the loud 'kee-kee-kee' call from the wonderful kestrels first? Looking for a free and exciting way to keep the little ones entertained?

Bintree Wood offers the perfect place to build a den too. Collect fallen branches and mix them with slimmer ones to create a wonderful home.

You can even get creative and decorate it by adding beautiful flowers around the door.

Opening your heart to the walking paths in this gorgeous wood will teach you how to enjoy the moment and maybe even get to know yourself on a deeper level.

Elmham Watermill,
Billingford Road,
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