Blackbeard to Banksy the Ultimate Bristol Walking Tour

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Before Banksy ever came along to light up the streets with his iconic art, Bristol was a place where pirates came to stay.

There’s so much fascinating history to discover about Bristol that you might need a little helping hand to guide you through it.

On the From Blackbeard to Banksy Walking Tour, you’ll be guided through 1000 years of the city’s past by local historians and artists alike – clueing you in on all the incredible stories of past and present.

It’s a pirate’s life for me!

You may have always believed that Blackbeard was just a character you’d find in tales of pirates sailing the sea. But behind the famous name was the man known as Edward Teach.

On the tour you’ll get to check out some of the local spots he’d kick back in, surely with a bottle of rum and a classic ‘arr matey!’ never far away.

But Bristol’s history with pirates is even more famously recognised between the covers of a book, from the tales of Treasure Island and Robinson Crusoe.

We’ll just have to let you discover where those classics fall into the city’s past.

Art on the streets

As you journey from one place to the next, from pirate haunt to architectural masterpiece, tying Bristol together you’ll find a network of street art as thought-provoking as it is remarkable.

Most notable of all is Banksy, the unknown figure whose works have been popping up on the sides of buildings and captivating the public for the past few decades.

Be sure to take your time when you arrive at one of his works. Art is often more than just the paint and lines you can see, lying underneath is a message of something much deeper.

There’s more where that came from

Between the pirates and the street art, the two-hour tour will also encompass Bristol landmarks like the 12th-century cathedral and Saxon town walls.

Even after the tour comes to an end, with a few tips from your guide along the way about the best places to continue your adventure – there’ll still be plenty of the city left to explore.

Whether it’s your first trip to Bristol, or you’ve been living there all your life, discovering the history of the city brings a whole new perspective to the place.

What you thought once was just an ordinary building or random wall, with a little history, comes alive with stories.

Of pirates drinking and playing cards; of everyday people going about their lives.

The modern Bristol may be what draws you to the city, but its history is what captures your heart and makes you fall in love with it.

Get up to 5% off

Blackbeard to Banksy the Ultimate Bristol Walking Tour

Discover all you need to know about Bristol’s fascinating past with the added bonus of finishing in a timeless smuggler’s tavern for a barrel of rum

Available to 28 March 2025
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