Blackbury Camp

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The two lives of Blackbury Camp

It’s hard to even imagine that Blackbury Camp was once treeless. They stand so tall and strong, their roots burrowed deep and spanning wide, anchoring them down for what seems like eternity.

But treeless it was.

When the Devon hillfort was originally constructed in the 4th century BC by its Iron Age settlers, the inner grounds would’ve been empty, the area prioritised for living and working.

Blackbury Camp is likely to have been inhabited by people for several hundred years.

But finally, when the feet of humans stopped falling on the grounds, the trees quickly moved in.

Where nature and the human touch combine

Now, a walk around Blackbury Camp is a walk through woodland.

The trees that finally turned up to make the camp their home have grown and now cover the area, but there is something truly unique about this place.

Lush grasses cover most of the ground. You don’t often see such expanses of vibrant grasses running up to the bases of trees and dominating the floors beneath.

The effect is truly magical and we’re sure it’s a sight you won’t soon be forgetting.

The bluebells

Arrive at Blackbury Camp at the right time and you’re in for a real treat.

Bluebells take hold of the camp over the spring period and cover the ground like a sky-blue blanket.

Take a walk along the three-metre-high ramparts and all around you, sweeping away down the slope and over the entire area below, the bluebells take pride of place; creating a gentle blue haze that fills the entire area.

Picnic and honey shopping

There's truly no better place to throw down the blanket and set up your lounging area for a while.

After you’ve run up and down the ramparts numerous times and wound your way between trees and around the camp, we think a sit-down will be much needed.

Take your shoes off and get the sandwiches out. Enjoy a peaceful bite before you head back home.

Before your adventure comes to an end, we highly recommend a stop off at Blackbury Honey Farm nearby.

Grab a jar of local honey from their very own bees and enjoy the sweet delights of the amber nectar as it covers your tastebuds in a wave of sweet deliciousness.

What a way to finish the day.

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