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What tickets are available?

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What things to do are there at Blackgang Chine?

At Blackgang Chine, you can explore a huge range of rides and attractions, as well as "Lands of Imagination" that will set you and your kids off on wondrous journey where anything can happen! 

Rides & Attractions: 

  • Exctinction: Brand new for 2023, brace yourself for an adrenaline-pumping adventure with the park's thrilling new ride. 
  • Evolution: This exciting 400ft drop tower has proven a hit for all thrill-seekers since it's introduction in 2022. 
  • Shipwrecked: Climb aboard a pirate ship for a perilous journey and feel the rush as you ride the waves!
  • Waterforce: Get ready for the Isle of Wight’s biggest waterslide! Will you opt for the open-top ‘Overflow’ chutes or brave the dark ‘Plughole’…the choice is yours! 
  • Pirate Barrels: Put your jelly legs to the test and buckle up for a fun ride on the spinning barrels! 
  • Snakes & Ladders: It’s the classic family boardgame like you’ve never experienced it before. Climb the ladders or slide down the backs of the slippery snake slides! 
  • Rumpus Mansion: Make your way through Rumpus Mansion, the once fine old building that’s now overrun with boggarts, gremlins, pixies and mythical creatures!
  • + many more rides and attractions, waiting to be discovered in Blackgang Chine! 

The Lands of Imagination: 

  • Cowboy Town: Yeehaw! Tend to your horses in the stables, climb aboard the stagecoach, and swing through the saloon doors. Will you band together with the outlaws or join the Sheriff to round up the dastardly bank robbers? 
  • Dodo Valley: These funny-looking flightless birds were thought to be extinct, but they've now made a home on Isle of Wight's Blackgang Chine! Witness this all-singing, all-dancing and adorably mischievous spectacle for yourself! Can you spot them all?
  • Underwater Kingdom: Dive into the deep blue sea and uncover the glistening underwater cave, vibrant luminescent coral reef and an abandoned sunken shipwreck before turning the corner to ‘swim’ beneath a huge 60ft blue whale overhead!
  • Restricted Area 5: Get up close to gigantic dinosaurs like the towering long-necked Argentinosaurus, bigger than a double decker bus, and the biggest animatronic T-Rex in the country – but only if you’re brave enough!
  • Fairyland: Enter the realm through the toadstool village and take a moment to choose your perfect fairy home before making your way to the castle as you spot the fairies that call this land their home. 
  • Nursery Land: All your favourite nursery rhymes come to life in this magical land. Look out for them all in a charming journey through childhood memories. 
  • Pirate Cove: Are you ready to get stuck into an exciting sea battle between a pirate ship and a French frigate, complete with water cannons for classic pirate shenanigans? Explore a whole network of ships, crow’s nests, ladders, and rope netting to feel like a true pirate captain! 

All this plus so many other fun adventures that entire families can enjoy for a day out in the Isle of Wight full of non-stop fun and imagination. 

Let your creativity soar and create cherished family memories at this captivating Isle of Wight destination.

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Isle of Wight
PO38 2HN

How to find us

The Island is situated just four miles off the South Coast of England. There are excellent transport links and frequent crossings by vehicle and passenger ferries from Southampton, Lymington and Portsmouth.

The ferry companies and Hovertravel run regular promotions. Don’t worry if you don’t want to bring the car, as there are fantastic bus links from the ferry ports with Southern Vectis, the Island’s bus service.

By car: 

Enter the postcode PO38 2HN into your Sat-Nav to find the site by car.

Parking at Blackgang is free so you can stay as long as you like in the park without worrying.

By bus: 

The number 6 bus route stops right outside the entrance of Blackgang Chine.

By boat: 

Car passenger ferry crossings to the Isle of Wight run from Portsmouth, Southampton, and Lymington. 

Foot passenger crossings are available from Portsmouth, Southsea, Southampton, and Lymington. 

  • Free parking
  • Gift shops
  • Toilets
  • Baby-changing facilities
  • Food outlets

People also ask:

Is Blackgang Chine suitable for wheelchair users?

  • The park is set on some of the Isle of Wight’s most beautiful coastline atop high cliffs. This means that the route around the site slopes in places, and some paths have a gradient of 1:5. Most of the park is accessible by wheelchair, but strong helpers should accompany those in manual wheelchairs who wish to visit all park areas.
  • Those using electric mobility scooters must ensure they are confident using the equipment and do not exceed its capabilities. Particular attention should be paid to the paths leading to and from Restricted Area 5, Cowboy Town & Snakes & Ladders, where gradients are likely to be at their steepest.

Are there age or height restrictions on the rides at Blackgang Chine?

  • To ensure the safety of our guests whilst on the rides, there are height restrictions in place that our ride operations team will enforce:
    Extinction: Guests must be at least 1.2m in height to ride.
    Evolution: Guests must be at least 1.1m in height and be accompanied by an adult to ride (or 1.4m to ride unaccompanied)
    Shipwrecked: Guests must be at least 90cm in height and be accompanied by an adult to ride (or 1.2m to ride unaccompanied)
    Waterforce: Guests must be at least 1m in height and be accompanied by an adult to ride (or 1.2m to ride unaccompanied)
    Snakes & Ladders: Guests must be at least 1.1m to use these slides and ladders
    Pirate Barrels: Visitors must be aged over 1yr to ride and each barren has a total weight limit of 159kg

Do I have to pay for any rides inside the park?

  • All the park’s rides and attractions are free to use as often as you like.

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