Blackpool Tower Dungeons

Blackpool Tower Dungeons

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Learn all about Lancashire's fascinating history in the most gruesome way

As soon as you step inside the Blackpool Tower Dungeons, it feels like you’ve stepped back 1000 years in time.

You're now awaiting your sentencing below the town's streets...

The Dungeons allows you to learn all about Lancashire's murky past with a 60-minute walkthrough experience to remember.

There are 11 scenes with 360-degree sets - all with creepy characters, gripping storylines, and out-of-this-world special effects. And did we mention one terrifying drop ride?

As well as having lots of fun, you'll learn a lot about the history and facts about the area.

The groups you're put in aren't too big, which really helps all guests feel involved.

Kids below eight may be too young for the attraction, however, it's up to parents to decide.

Let the journey begin

Meet the Jester who'll lure you into a false sense of security, before you step into the medieval lift.

Hear the cogs and chains groan as you descend further and further down.

You're now deep in the dungeons below Blackpool, where you'll begin your journey in the eerie darkness of the Chapel at Lytham Priory.

Learn all about the War of the Roses and hear the monk tell you tales of ‘The Pool that is Black’.

Walk down the dark, narrow corridors where mystery lurks in the shadows and enter 1349 where the Doctor’s assistant will tell you all about the Black Death.

If you're wondering where the Doctor has gone, don’t worry - you'll soon find out...

Take a seat, why don't you?

One (un)lucky volunteer can help the Torturer demonstrate what punishment looked like as you enter the Torture Chamber of Lancaster Castle.

The walk-through is full of innuendos which makes it hilarious fun for all the family.

Next, it's time to face the Judge as he decides what crimes you're guilty of and will sentence you to escape the Labyrinth - a maze of the lost souls.

Beware though, the streets aren't safe anymore. And be sure to avoid the screams.

Be sentenced for your crimes!

If you've survived up to this point, it's time to test your bravery on the Drop Dead ride.

Be sentenced for your crimes at Lancaster Gaol before the noose is ready for you to face the drop, as your journey ends on a thrill faster than gravity.

Luckily, there's a camera perfectly positioned to capture everyone's screaming faces right as you drop - a perfect keepsake of the day!

If you’re not up to face the ride, don’t worry - you can skip it.

If you have a look in 'Additional Info' below, you'll find a bit more info about this ride. 

Need a drink?

End your experience in The Red Lion tavern for a well-deserved drink to help calm your nerves before you leave the Dungeon.

We're sure you'll have a thrilling time at the Dungeon - be sure to check out the other attractions in Blackpool Tower too for an amazing day out.

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Blackpool Tower Dungeon - Standard Entry

Grab your tickets for a thrilling adventure into Blackpool Tower Dungeon

Available to 3 November 2024
The Blackpool Dungeons,
United Kingdom FY1 4BJ
Show on Google Maps
The Blackpool Tower - Dungeon,
United Kingdom FY1 4BJ
Show on Google Maps

How to get here

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon is located just at the bottom of the Blackpool Tower

  • Toilets and disabled toilets
  • Drinks and bar snacks are available onsite in The Red Lion after your Blackpool Tower Dungeon experience
  • Minimum age is 5 - children under 5 will not be permitted entry

  • There's a recommended age of 8, however parents can decide whether their child will be able to withstand all the gruesome sights. There are lots of funny innuendos throughout, which makes it fun for all the family

For wheelchair users:

  • The Blackpool Tower Dungeon is fully wheelchair accessible. Navigating around the Dungeon will be mainly through level pathways. However, due to the nature of the attraction, some floor surfaces are uneven
  • For safety reasons, they can only admit 1 wheelchair user per tour group
  • Wheelchairs are available at The Blackpool Tower to hire. Please speak to one of their admissions team when you arrive to assist
  • Please note that The Blackpool Tower Dungeon is not accessible by mobility scooter

For those with other mobility impairments:

  • This is a 90-110 minute walking experience and guests are required to stand for a majority of it
  • Seating is available in some shows, but due to the nature of the attraction and the demographic of groups we cannot guarantee priority seating

For those with autism and other neuro-diverse conditions:

  • They are a highly sensory experience with dark spaces, loud noises, flashing/strobe lights, pungent smells and jump scares
  • If you cannot be subjected to strobe lighting, we would recommend you speak to a team member in regards to this
  • At any point, during the tour, feel free to let a member of staff know if you or a member of your party needs to leave or take some time out

Drop Dead Ride:

  • The minimum height restriction is 1.4 meters tall
  • Due to the position of the safety bar on the ride, there are some size restrictions that you must be aware of:
    > Torso - 29cm
    > Seat width - 44cm
    > Leg depth - 16cm
  • Guests with epilepsy are unable to ride
  • You must be free from:
    > Heart complaints or pacemakers
    > Broken limbs or have recently had surgery
    > Any other condition which may result in injury or complication from riding

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