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Do you feel drawn to discover the wonder of Blackwater Forest?

When you enter, your eyes will instantly fall on the beauty of the extraordinary birds building nests in the trees and you'll breathe in the clean air as you walk beneath the branches of towering giants.

Enjoy a walk alone

Walking through the Blackwater Arboretum trail is pure serenity.

Stop for a minute to hear the sound of rustling leaves mixed with squirrels chattering between the green bushes.

Smell the earthy aroma of the forest as your mouth curves into a smile.

The skies overhead are so clear along this marvellous trail as you follow the large wooden signs directing your way.

As you continue the journey, the ancient trees start to rise up from the floor around you.

It's the perfect place to bring the kids to help them learn more about nature.

Let your hands run over the whirls of the tree bark and think about what lives among its branches.

The Tall Trees Trail has an impressive range of trees to discover from conifers that have thrived here for centuries to some of the oldest Douglas fir trees in the UK.

Time for some delicious food

Children, friends, or family will remember this pleasant moment for years to come as you take a seat under the shade of the magnificent forest.

After a long day exploring in the wood, it's time to rest on the outdoor picnic benches.

Nothing beats special homemade treats!

Tuck into delicious strawberry yoghurt or a golden, crispy sandwich as you pass around the flasks of tea and coffee.

A new place to ride

If you're looking for a new place to put your bike wheels into use, head to Blackwater.

You won't have any trouble choosing a bike to hire as the expert team will help you to pick the right one for you.

You'll feel like a completely new person as you finish your relaxing walk in Blackwater Forest.

We've no doubt you'll be drawn to spend more and more time in such a lovely, peaceful place.

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