Blidworth Woods

Blidworth Woods

Wander through the magnificent Blidworth Woods and appreciate its charming atmosphere, feeling a sense of tranquility as you begin your day.

Music from the car radio will soon turn into the beautiful sounds of wildlife as you leave the car in the free car park.

Before setting off, you'll want to download a map of Blidworth Woods to be sure you're exploring all the beauty.

Take in the fresh woodland scents with sunlight dancing through the leaves as you start your adventure at the Blue trail, one of three walking trails.

Explore the wonderful forest shades as you walk peacefully through.

You'll be fascinated by the tall, towering trees and feel the twigs crunch beneath your feet as you take a second to gaze at the clear blue sky.

More amazing routes

Fancy taking the dog for an adventure?

Snap a branch to play fetch as you both enjoy a walk along the scenic Dog loop trail.

If you're looking for something more energetic, the White Walking Trail is a perfect alternative.

Reduce your screen time

Keep connecting with mother nature as you enjoy a lovely picnic.

Take this time to get comfy on a cotton blanket, with your favourite homemade treats.

Bring a board game or a deck of cards for some friendly competition with your family or friends.

Escape from modern-day living

Ever thought of getting on the back of a horse and making exciting memories with these fascinating animals?

A Sherwood Pines and East Midlands Horse membership will let you take on the exciting challenge.

Be sure to check the Blidworth Woods website for the information you need.

You'll get goosebumps as soon as you're seated comfortably, feeling freedom among the picturesque woodland with the wind sweeping through your hair.

We know you'll want to make regular visits here and explore this beautiful place, listening to the birds tweeting to make you feel alive and refreshed.

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