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Ghost Walk - Bodmin Jail - Best Price Tickets

Available to 20 March 2024
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Get ready for a ghostly walk into Bodmin's terrifying past

Explore the eerie corners of Cornwall's most haunted town, Bodmin, with a team of Paranormal masterminds.

Follow the footsteps of former prisoners from the historic streets to the intimidating walls of Bodmin Jail, where public hangings took place. Discover the original cells and experience the last working execution pit in Britain. Brace yourself for a ghostly encounter like no other.

Warning: This spine-chilling tour is not for the faint-hearted!

Book your tickets today to Bodmin Jail's Ghost Walks, or consider heading on a heritage guided tour of the jail itself: 

PL31 2NR

People also ask:

How long is the ghost walk?

  • Ghost walks are three hours long

When does the ghost walk take place?

  • Ghost walks take place every Wednesday from 8:30pm to 11:30pm

Is there an age limit for the ghost walks?

  • The ghost walk is a scary experience, therefore you must be over the age of 16 to participate 

Can I bring my dogs on the ghost walk?

  • Dogs are unlikely to enjoy the nature of the ghost walk and for their health and wellbeing, therefore Bodmin Jail has taken the decision to not allow dogs on this walk. Assistance dogs are still allowed. 

Will I see any ghosts on this tour?

  • You'll certainly feel a paranormal presence as you progress with the ghost walk. It's not guaranteed that you'll spot any ghosts with your own eyes, but if you visit on a particularly spooky night then you may be in luck... 

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