Bodowyr Burial Chamber

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Hidden away within the scenic pastures of Anglesey is a striking landmark that has been standing there since the Neolithic period.

Surrounded by panoramic views of Snowdonia, the sight of the mysterious and impressive Bodowyr Burial Chamber is unforgettable.

An ancient tomb

Bodowyr is one of the many burial sites from the Neolithic period that can be found on the Welsh island of Anglesey.

It’s held up by four standing stones, one of which has fallen since its creation, and there was likely also a fifth stone at some point that marked its entrance.

The stone serving as its roof is massive, so large it will baffle you that our Neolithic ancestors could have possibly lifted it into place, and it gives the remains a distinct mushroom shape.

Like other burial chambers in Anglesey, these stones were probably once covered in earth to make the chamber into a mound where communal burials would take place.

Interestingly, the type of passage grave Bodowyr resembles was more common in Ireland than it was Wales - although this is one of just many mysteries surrounding the tomb.

On your visit, you’ll probably find yourself wondering many things, such as why the tomb was built this way or what it would have once looked like.

There's also confusion shrouding why the chamber was built where it is since the level ground is an unusual place to find this kind of tomb.

Perhaps our ancestors chose this spot because of the magnificent view of Snowdon in the distance, one of the largest and most breathtaking mountains in all of Britain.

Activities in Anglesey

Anglesey is a beautiful island full of ancient history, and if you’re making the trip to Bodowyr Burial Chamber, there are plenty of other things to do in the surrounding area.

For history buffs, there are many more burial sites and Neolithic landmarks like this nearby, including the Bryn Gwyn standing stones just a stone’s throw away, and the famous Bryn Celli Ddu Burial Chamber. Those seeking an outdoor adventure will find plenty of campsites, caravan parks, and cabins in the vicinity, and if you’re bringing your family, the Anglesey Sea Zoo is nearby as well.

A trip to Bodowyr Burial Chamber is sure to be memorable. Since the tomb is located in the middle of a field, it’s also the perfect spot for a picnic, where couples and families alike can have a pleasant day sitting on the grass and spotting sheep.

Since Bodowyr is free and open year-round, why not visit today?

Yr Odyn,
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