Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary

Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary

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Deer spotting

Appreciate the wilderness of the outdoors, while on the lookout for deer, at the Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary in Hampshire.

Overlook the large meadow and who knows; if you’re feeling a little lucky, you might even spot a herd of deers! Now, if that doesn’t make your visit worthwhile, nothing will.

In the distance, notice the brown and cream spotted skin of a deer, head bowed down as they rip chunks of grass from beneath their feet.

Imagine the kids jumping up and down excitedly, screaming, “It’s Rudolph! It’s Rudolph!”, as soon as they see a pair of antlers.

Time to fill your growling tummy

It’s only a matter of time before the little ones start to get hungry.

With that being said, stop at the picnic area where everyone can replenish with some delicious snacks. The kids will surely gobble down all the sweet treats before you even get a chance to have some yourself!

Bask under the gaze of the sun, before setting off on foot once again, to make your trip at the Deer Sanctuary even better than it already is.

Take a graded walk

Are you in need of a refreshing change of scenery? If so, meander through the natural greenery, that encircles in every direction. Why not rejuvenate your mind while getting those steps in?

As you all buckle up in the car on the drive home, you’ll already be ringing your friends, telling them all about your wonderful experience.

Whether you’re a local, or you’re visiting the city of Southampton, you can be assured that Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary will be calling you back for more.

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