Bolingbroke Castle

Bolingbroke Castle

Ruins of historical places often give us hints of a time long ago. Walking between the ruins of Bolingbroke Castle, the walls that remain stand low to the ground, and the torn down towers are a similar height.

But at moments it’s impossible not to feel the memories of shadows stretching around you; walls looming high and towers standing tall.

Stories for the ages

The stories and history of Bolingbroke, the unseen roots stretching into the ground below your wandering feet, are as impressive as the remaining stones.

Tales of returning crusaders and future kings, betrayals and civil wars, Bolingbroke’s past is the stuff of legends.

The King of England, Henry IV, was born at Bolingbroke Castle. But before he claimed the throne and usurped his childhood rival, he was known as Henry Bolingbroke and this castle was his home.

It’s easy to forget kings were just kids once, that castle doors were slammed in anger and they were sent to their rooms for being naughty.

Beginning your adventure at Bolingbroke Castle

Heading to Bolingbroke Castle now, the best way to enter the inner grounds is through the gatehouse.

The tower ruins on either side give you a good idea of how well the entrance to the castle would’ve been guarded. Then once you’re inside, no matter which way you head off, you're bound to stumble across some fascinating discovery.

Go directly south towards the rear towers, or skirt around the walls, exploring every archway and room you come across. There’s no end to the nooks and crannies waiting to be discovered.

Further exploring

As you wander the castle ruins, the church tower stretching above the trees a short distance away is sure to pique your interest.

St Peter & St Paul’s church grew up side by side with Bolingbroke Castle and both have watched over the Lincolnshire countryside for over 500 years.

It’s definitely worth the short walk from the castle if you’re interested in medieval architecture.

A trip to the pub

Close by is the Black Horse Inn where we’re sure after your trip around the castle, a nice pint and some pub grub are much needed.

It’s a great way to round off a wonderful day of adventure and we reckon when you've got a few spare moments in the future, you might just find yourself reading up on all the fascinating history of the castle.

Black Horse Inn,

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