Bonnetts Wood

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Unwind at this idyllic haven

Sitting on the outskirts of London with more than 80 acres of gorgeous manicured grounds is Bonnetts Wood, a picture-perfect woodland full of thrilling adventures.

Enjoy a relaxed stroll as you take in the magnificent wildlife here, away from the hustle and bustle of city living.

If you’re driving to Bonnetts Wood, there’s easily accessible parking at Parklands car park just a short distance away.

As you walk to the site, you’ll see how the beauty at Bonnetts Wood is simply outstanding, leaving you feeling excited about what gems you may find along the trail.

Once a farm in the 1920s, owned by a family of the same name, this pretty woodland was doubled in size in 2012, creating much more ground to cover on your visit here.

If you’re keen to spot some wildlife, you might be lucky enough to spot some adorable water voles by the small boundary stream – just remember to keep quiet so you don't scare them away!

Fancy a bike ride?

If you’d rather take the bike to Bonnetts Wood, cycling will give you the sense of freedom you won’t usually get riding in the city.

Strap on a helmet and hit the trail with the vibrant scent of the flower meadow following you.

You’ll feel alive as you pedal your way alongside the towering, picturesque trees with the rush of wind helping you to build up some more adrenaline.

We recommend riding 12 minutes to River Ingrebourne, a pretty nature spot forming part of the River Thames.

Take a few moments to sit quietly and reflect, with the distant ruffles of trees and flowing water creating the perfect mix of background sounds.

Is this your new relaxation spot?

We think Bonnetts Wood will be on your radar for years to come.

Maybe you’d like to introduce the dog to the woodland on your next visit?

It’s likely to become your new go-to area, with endless charm for you both to keep exploring.

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Gerpins Farm Industrial Estate,
Gerpins Lane,
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