Bonsley Common

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If you're in lovely Dorest and want to relax for a while, take a trip to the stunning Bonsley Common, around five miles northwest of Blandford Forum.

Walking in beautiful nature to calm your mind

Enjoy a warm afternoon strolling through nature, walking at your own pace in a peaceful area, away from the busy city life.

The almost silent noise of the tall grasses and flowers dancing in the wind will keep you company as you relish in time spent alone, catch up with old friends, or bond with your beloved dog.

You'll feel as though the place is all yours as you explore this spacious spot.

An ancient area of Dorest

Just a short drive away, breathe in the earthy smell of leaves around you as you stand in an Iron Age farming settlement at Ringmoor.

Take a moment to smell the magnificent bluebells that carpet the ground, helping you to be at one with nature.

Nearby, you can also enjoy a change of scenery as you approach Hambledon Hill - a prehistoric hill fort that's now part of a beautiful nature reserve.

History swallowed up by nature

The rich greenery of this landscape is utterly gorgeous with the sunlight shining down.

Your walking boots will be treading in the same footprints of the Neolithic people who once lived here. Imagine what their views would have been like!

Make your way to the top of this huge hill fortress as birds land in the trees around you.

Once you reach the peak, breathe in the clean air and you'll see your efforts were worth it as you look out over the glorious English countryside.

The fascinating tracks of the past paired with such remarkable views will have you coming back for more time and time again.

How to get here 

On the A357, take the turn off towards Okeford Fitzpaine. 

Once you reach the cross roads, turn left and outside the village, turn left again up the hill. 

Reach the top and you'll find a car park on the right-hand side. 

Park up here before crossing the road and following the Wessex Ridgeway for a quarter of a mile. 

There, you'll find a footpath to the right which takes you to beautiful Bonsley Common. 

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