Boughton Brake

Boughton Brake

Listen to the trees as the wind rustles through them when you arrive at Boughton Brake. Soft, white clouds above you will guide your way as you pull up and enter these beautiful woods.

Brought your bike with you? As soon as you see the traffic-free cycle trails, you'll feel the rush to fly for miles - your pulse speeding up with the excitement as you zoom along.

Time flies by when you're playing with your kids

Want a fun way to improve their observation skills?

Make a list of things to spot and let the kids find the items! They'll feel like a true detective when they fill their backpacks with rocks, leaves, pine, and branches.

Move your body

Why not run or walk beside the pond rather than hitting the gym? The music of crickets and grasshoppers will help you notice the difference while fresh forest air and wildflowers all around you relax your mind.

The wood will even give you a chance to bond with your pooch as they scamper around the woodland, fetching twigs to take home.

Looking for something a bit different? Try your hand at orienteering, and aim to find your way between control points marked on a map.

An old friend

Visiting Boughton Brake will be like going to see an old friend who'll help you to centre yourself once again.

You'll be heading home with a clear, relaxed mind, leaving all your cares behind you.

Unit 2,
Boughton Pumping Station,
Brake Lane,
NG22 9HQ

Free parking