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Boulevard Theatre

The Star of Soho

One of the newest and most versatile venues for performances in all of London, the space has a significant record in producing a large variety of entertainment since its emergence in 2019.

With themes ranging from adult, cabaret, revue, and comedy, the venue's design has changed greatly with its redesign and to a truly stunning effect. With only 165 seats, the venue is close and intimate with the audience at all points.

While this may seem like a small number, it only serves to benefit the quality of the performances, allowing as much creative flexibility and artistic freedom as the performance requires.

This is only assisted by its own reconfigurable stage that has the ability to vary its levels, rising and falling within sync with the play itself. The seating in the venue is all mobile and can be redistributed to best suit each individual event.

The balcony also revolves in both directions allowing even more flexibility in seating. With these factors, in addition to its large windows and a glass walkway, the Boulevard Theatre very much has its own feel to it as a unique theatre experience. 

6 Walker's Court

Paid parking, Toilets