Boundary Wood

Boundary Wood

Take a walk to Boundary Wood where hundreds of strong roots stretch away endlessly beneath the ground and the tall trees create a home for many beautiful creatures.

With no permit required, you can bring your favourite equine friend here anytime to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings too.

An afternoon horse ride is soul-soothing as the two of you trot along the stunning path. Breathe in the fresh air as your mind wanders and you travel through the lovely forest.

Bend your head to pass by stray branches decorated with a whole set of yellow, orange, and brown leaves.

Your breathing will start to slow as you relax and listen to the birds singing the music of the forest.

A great book and delicious food

Heading to Boundary Wood alone?

Bring your beloved book to read beneath the shade of a tree.

With your fingers flicking through the pages, you'll be able to become fully immersed in the story you're reading in the ideal peaceful spot.

Take a seat on one of the picnic benches and watch the birds' wings flapping as they bathe in the pond.

After all that adventuring, it's time for some homemade treats. Tuck in to delicious blueberries, iced tea, and scrumptious wraps as you gaze at the wonderful wildlife around you.

Create lifelong memories

Brought the kids along?

Let them get their energy out by building a cairn with sticks and rocks. See how high they can make their tower before they leave it in the forest for another child to discover.

Experience the sense of escapism and relaxation that Boundary Wood brings. This marvellous forest will be welcoming you back again whenever you need a little time to yourself.

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