Bourne Wood, Bourne

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Before you even get out of the car at Bourne Wood in Lincolnshire, the place will already have wrapped you up in a peaceful embrace that only the outdoors can bring.

Driving down the winding roads, trees stretching up and covering you under a green sky, the excitement of getting out and beginning your adventures is tantalising.

Before your adventure even begins

Driving past, trees zipping by your window, there’ll be moments when the tree line breaks and you might just glimpse a walkway to take you further into the woods.

And just as your imagination begins to picture the delights down one, another trail flashes by to entice you in a different direction.

Until finally, parked up, laces double-knotted and backpack strapped, your adventure truly begins.

Whether you’re traveling through the woods on foot, bike, or on the back of a trotting horse, you’ll soon thank yourself for getting out in nature for the day.

If your four-legged friend is accompanying you on your travels, they’re sure to thank you in extra sloppy kisses after they’ve had the run of the place.

Bourne Wood through the seasons

Bourne Wood is truly spectacular throughout the whole year.

Explore in the spring and you’re in for a treat - birds are starting to warm up their vocal chords and the sleeping plant life is just beginning to open its eyes.

Summer brings purple emperor butterflies and vast expanses of wildflower-covered woodland floor.

When autumn arrives, sleepy lowlight fills the woods in a mystical glow.

Winter brings long stretches of quiet, broken by the knocking echo of woodpeckers keeping busy.

Take part in the community

Through all the seasons at Bourne Wood, something's always bound to catch your eye.

Join one of the events held by the Friends of Bourne Wood group. They regularly hold walks through the woods where experts will help you spot everything from fruits and nuts to rare butterflies.

Once you’ve tried a ripe blackberry picked straight from the plant, you’ll have a hard time not packing your pockets full of the delicious fruit before heading back to the car.

Picnicking at the orchard

Head to Bourne Woods on Saturday or Sunday and you can visit the orchard for a sit down during or after your walk.

Picnic benches are available which is an invite enough to pack a whole bag of sandwiches and warm tea to enjoy.

Get there early enough and you can help out with a bit of maintenance in the orchard. You’ll soon find yourself covered in soil up to your armpits and be all the happier for it.

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