Bourne Wood, Farnham

Bourne Wood, Farnham

Magic runs through Bourne Wood

Have you ever wondered where they find those incredibly beautiful locations you see in films?

The New Zealand snowy topped mountains and lakes of The Lord of the Rings come to mind, or perhaps the forests in Harry Potter.

They always seem almost unbelievable. But we’re here to let you in on a little secret. They’re real places and might just be on your very doorstep.

Head to Bourne Wood near Farnham in Surrey and you’ll soon be drawing your wand to defend yourself against Death Eaters and spies.

They’re said to roam the woods in search of rogue wizards and witches.

We’re sure, however, that on your adventure through Bourne Wood, soon the magic of Harry Potter will be overtaken by the natural magic of the woods themselves.

Pine trees, their acorns scattering the ground immediately surround you. As you enter under the first tree, their embrace doesn’t let up until you leave.

The vibrant, thin needles seem to cover you in a luminescent green sky that no cloud or wind could break.

And when the sun arrives at the woods, it bends and curves around and through the needles, radiating a green hue that covers everything.

Things to do nearby

Walking through the woods, in search of Harry Potter and Wonder Woman (yes, also filmed here), it’s hard not to turn and roam down every new path you come across.

But surrounding Bourne Wood and scattered throughout are other great spots to dedicate some time to.

Waverley Abbey is a must for anyone with an interest in history or if you're keen for a lovely walk in the sunshine.

RSPB Farnham Heath

RSPB Farnham Heath is located near the woods and is a must-see.

Every visit to both Bourne Wood and the RSPB reserve brings something new.

Birds darting across the treetops will welcome you with a new song on your every return.

Lower down, plant life thrives and one day you’ll see beds of bluebells lighting up the wood and on another, be met by peculiar fungi bursting through the ground.

With not only the woods to explore but the great attractions nearby, we’re pretty sure this might not be your last trip into Bourne’s pine-covered embrace.

From castles to breweries, a day out to Bourne Wood is sure to leave everyone with the biggest smile on their face.

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