Bow Bridge

Bow Bridge

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This ancient bridge on the outskirts of Barrow in Furness has been providing people with passage across the Mill Beck for over 500 years.

Bow Bridge was made from the same materials that were used to construct the nearby abbey that was built a few centuries before, and it’s still remarkably well-preserved and usable today.

Bow down to this beautiful bridge

Built in the 15th century to allow packhorses a way over the river, Bow Bridge was made of the sandstone and limestone that gave Furness Abbey its distinctively red look.

Nowadays, it has been reclaimed by nature, its red stones overrun with moss and grass that gives the bridge the look of something straight out of a fairytale.

In its heyday, Bow Bridge would have had stone parapets running along the side to strengthen it as well.

While these have long since disappeared, imagine what this bridge must have looked like in those days: grander and less wild, filled with traders on their way to Furness Abbey, leading their packhorses across.

Cool castles and ancient abbey

Bow Bridge was an important crossing for those wanting to get to Furness Abbey, the ruins of which are just a stone’s throw away.

This place was once the most powerful abbey in the northwest, and among the richest in England. It was therefore rife with visitors, who would have used Bow Bridge to get here.

The bridge is also close to Piel Castle, a truly unique fortress that was built by monks who lived on Piel Island.

While you’re in the area, this castle is well worth a visit: built upon a tiny island, its ruins are well preserved and striking. We promise you’ve never seen a castle quite like it!

Bow Bridge is a glimpse into the past, situated in an area that is full of amazing historic attractions.

If you’re interested in Furness’ story, this bridge is a small but still significant part of it - not to mention its ancient architecture is beautiful as well.

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