Bramber Castle

Bramber Castle

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Not far from the hustle and bustle of Brighton, sitting on a high hill that overlooks the River Adur and South Downs National Park, is an unusual sight: a single section of ancient stone wall, looming high above the rest of the scenery.

That’s all that’s left of Bramber Castle, and while it's just a tiny glimpse into how formidable the fortress no doubt once looked, what makes this wall truly special are the stories within its stones.

Bloody Bramber’s history

Built in the 11th century, Bramber Castle is one of six castles that the Normans built to defend and control Sussex.

Yet while it was built for war, this castle, unfortunately, saw cruelty in other ways too.

By the 13th century, King John ruled England with an iron fist.

When he demanded that the owners of Bramber Castle prove their loyalty by giving him their two sons as hostages, the lady of the castle refused, and she and the two sons she was trying to protect were imprisoned at Windsor Castle.

The three of them starved to death in Windsor’s dungeon, and King John took Bramber Castle for himself.

Much later on, Bramber Castle saw battle for the last time during the Civil War while it was being held by Parliamentarian forces.

Nearby, Royalists tried to take the bridge over the River Adur for themselves - however, they were stopped in their tracks by the castle’s garrison, and retreated after a bloody skirmish.

Have a wall of a time

The crumbling wall that remains of Bramber Castle is a memorable sight.

It was once part of the castle’s gatehouse, and despite its dilapidated state, it still stands 14 metres tall today.

You can also still see where windows would have been, and the foundations of a guardhouse nearby.

Try and stretch your imagination to picture what this fortress would have looked like in its prime, each part as tall and magnificent as the single fragment that remains today.

Nearby, you can also see where the original motte once stood upon a nearby mound, now covered in trees.

Make sure you check it out while you’re here: the views of the surrounding countryside from this spot are absolutely stunning!

All in all, Bramber Castle is sure to be a place that’ll spark your curiosity.

There’s not much left of it nowadays but there’s no denying that it’s still a striking sight that’s well worth visiting for those interested in England’s bloody past.

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