Bratton Camp and White Horse

Bratton Camp and White Horse

Between the town of Westbury and the village of Bratton, there’s a sight that's sure to leave you with a memorable first impression.

It's one of the many gigantic white horses that roams England’s hillsides, a striking steed almost 200 feet tall that grazes beneath the remains of an ancient fortress.

A strange hill

In the Iron Age, a fort stood here at Bratton Camp, watching over the surrounding area from atop the hill.

Excavations from the last few centuries found that this hillfort contained houses, storerooms, and even workshops.

Before the fort even existed, there was a long barrow here in its place from the Neolithic period.

Although nothing remains of these structures now, you can still see evidence of the earthworks that surrounded the fort in the land today.

As you explore, it might feel odd knowing that you’re walking in the footsteps of those who called this place home thousands of years ago.

The hill has amazing views over the scenic English countryside, and since it’s so wide open and flat, it’s perfect for having picnics and letting kids loose to play.

The great white horse

Yet surely the most striking part of this place is the massive chalk horse that's cut into the side of the hill, often called the Wiltshire White Horse.

In the 7th century, the Saxons would commemorate victories against the Vikings by cutting giant white horses into hillsides.

There are about sixteen of these white horses around England, and they’re suspected to have had some kind of religious significance.

The horse near Bratton was probably made to mark the Battle of Edington that occurred somewhere nearby many centuries before, where Alfred the Great and his army are said to have slain thousands of Danish Vikings.

As you gaze upon this striking landmark, we’re sure you’ll be blown away by the picture it paints upon this beautiful rural landscape.

A walk to Bratton Camp and White Horse is sure to make for a memorable day out.

The sight of this place will surely stick with you, and the history of it will leave you with a lasting impression too.

If you want even more ancient history, Bratton Camp is also near the world-famous Neolithic monument Stonehenge.

It’s a great place to stop off on your way there, and if you’re looking for somewhere to eat or stay, the nearby town of Westbury has plenty of options.

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